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By giving you encryption as a service (EAAS) 

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The simple & Free EAAS Email Encryption Solution you don't need to install


Powered by Microsoft 365 Azure Information Protection

When sending emails (and attachments) that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) you have a responsibility to protect it.

We’re giving you EAAS – encryption as a service. We act as the data processors so that you’re never sending unprotected information directly to your receiver. We automatically encrypt and send on so that the data you’re sending is protected when it reaches the end. This gives you added control over the data and limits the risk of a breach as any personally identifiable information that is contained is protected under GDPR. 

This means that regardless of whether you send to us encrypted or not, you have given your best effort for protecting your data. Plus, we give you added control by ensuring that each email is “do not forward” meaning your attachments, emails and data cannot be shared to third parties. Something you cannot do with traditional email. 


Step 1: Write your email in your existing provider (e.g. hotmail, gmail etc.), on any device (phone, tablet etc.) 

Step 2: send it to the automatic encryption system by putting “[email protected]” in the “to” header

Step 3: Put your recipient’s email in the “subject” line

Send. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

*psst and we work on MAC, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS

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hear from some of our users:

"I have been looking for an encrypted email function and have found this really easy to use."

Nicola – Forthill Out of School Club

"It's how I add that extra layer of protection and show clients I care about their data"

Charlotte – Silhouette Creatives

Want to Try Without the commitment?

*Simply follow the steps in the below video and send the email “to” [email protected] with your recipient’s email in the subject and sneakily try it out for yourself without the commitment of signing up. 

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If you want more... here's what we offer

Flexible to suit you and your business, so you can start sending protected emails today. 


No obligation
No payment details needed



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*12 Month Minimum



Per month*

*12 Month Minimum

Frequently asked questions

MyProtectedMail is a TowerWatch Solutions product. TowerWatch Solutions is an expert in cyber security and has more than 10 years’ experience (as part of the Migdal Computing Group) in securing email solutions. Your security and privacy is our business model. Learn more about us here.  

Basic reply functionality allows you to continue your protected conversations with your recipient. 

Full reply functionality allows you to do the same but with a complete log in your mailbox to track responses and conversations for better reporting, history and compliance. 

No, the email you send to is completely automated and designed only to convert your email and encrypt, while deleting itself when leaving our system.  

After you have filled out the form on our Sign Up page. We will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your domain is white listed and confirm payment information. Then you will receive the email details and you are ready to use the system. 

No, they are deleted. The only record is that an email was sent, not the content of the email.

*Except for Premium and Premium+ packages which have dedicated mailboxes, but these are not visible to our team. 

Yes, they are fully encrypted, secured to the recipient only, making them GDPR compliant. 

Very. No setup is actually required on your end. Simply signup to the package that suits you, we will create your account and then off you go. 

Due to the subscription costs with Microsoft, some of the extra features of the Premium and Premium+ plans are adopted. This commitment spreads the cost so it is cheaper overall. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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