So, Who are we?

Let’s be honest.

Your data and resources are important, particularly as a small business or entrepreneur, so why trust them to us?!

Meet our founder

Eli Migdal – CEO and Founder of TowerWatch and Migdal Computing


Eli Migdal, has been active in the IT field for over 10 years and helped countless businesses of all sizes advance their IT solutions to meet their needs. He has a passion for cyber security and it all about keeping your data safe, long before it was a legal requirement to do so! As a young entrepreneur, geek and lover of MEMEs, customer satisfaction is his number one priority!

As the UK sister company of Migdal Computing Solutions, TowerWatch specialises in IT solutions, cyber security and IT projects. We are a Senior Microsoft Partner in SPLA/Azure/365 and currently provide full IT solutions for hundreds of companies in Israel and Europe as well as project orientated solutions to hundreds of companies in Israel, Europe and the USA. Your protection, cyber security and customer satisfaction is our aim, so learn more about TowerWatch here.

Created by cyber security experts, for the little guy!

“While everyone else has been throwing GDPR in your face with a lot of rules, confusing information and stuff that isn’t accessible to smaller businesses, we were ACTUALLY implementing solutions. 

We’ve already done big scale roll outs to several brands and companies who needed to protect themselves. But, we realised, small businesses are getting left behind (and those fines are still going to hit you hard if you end up breaching GDPR.) 

We’ve been preaching data and cyber security for over 10 years and we are glad the world is finally catching up, so this puts us a step ahead and we have the knowledge and solutions to help you through. 

My Protected Mail is specifically designed to make it simple, easy and seamless so that you don’t have to invest a ton of money (I mean you can literally start for free!) in encrypted email software to protect your conversations. 

  • – No Remembering encryption keys
  • – No installing anything weird on your computer
  • – No need for your clients to install anything either (although they should definitely use My Protected Mail too!) 
We get that your data is important, and this isn’t a new industry for us, so we can help you bite the bullet and deal with protecting your emails in a compliant way, without making it complicated!”

                         – ELI MIGDAL 

*That’s who runs this show. My Protected Mail is simply a TowerWatch product 

Our Credentials

ICO Registered

Being registered with the governing body who wrote and will be policing the GDPR legislation means that we have nothing to hide. We're compliant, and we're helping your emails to be too.

ACTUAL GDPR Implementation Experience

We have worked with large scale projects to get bigger brands and companies compliant. We've already been there and done it! Need proof? Here's a case study of just some of our findings during the implementation process we've experienced so far.

10+ years of cyber security experience

The GDPR regulations are new to everyone, but for us, keeping data protected online is what we have been doing for years! My Protected Mail is just another one of the many IT solutions TowerWatch has devised for our clients to protect their data.

Senior Microsoft PArtners

We've been working closely with Microsoft, using a combination of their solutions for our clients for years. Having this close partnership allows us to use all of their tools to provide smaller businesses with the best accessibility possible.

we're multilingual!

Not only do our team members speak many languages, most importantly we are able to translate geek speak into everyday human, so that you can have a better relationship with your IT, without feeling overwhelmed!

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