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Frequently asked questions

MyProtectedMail is a TowerWatch Solutions product. TowerWatch Solutions is an expert in cyber security and has more than 10 years’ experience (as part of the Migdal Computing Group) in securing email solutions. Your security and privacy is our business model. Learn more about us here

No, they are deleted. The only record is that an email was sent, not the content of the email.

*Except for Premium, Premium Dev and Premium+ packages which have dedicated mailboxes, but these are not visible to our team. 

Yes, they are fully encrypted, secured to the recipient only, making them GDPR compliant.

No, simply script the email to us following our process – sending to your designated email with the receiver in the subject line and we can handle the rest.

For more information on how to send and receive protected emails, visit our Tutorials Page

GDPR requires that any email containing personally identifiable information needs to be encrypted. But, aside from the compliance, you also want to ensure that communications from your app are secured and will only reach your intended recipients.  

Your app needs to send emails and now with GDPR they MUST be protected (encrypted).

Our solution offers encrypted email as a service, meaning you don’t need to configure anything. You can use your normal email configuration as we are using Microsoft message encryption which has all the required compliance and strength. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.