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Are You?

Hard copies are still a must in the industry, however many letters are now sent digitally to clients. This means, the address, name and any other sensitive information that is included is covered under GDPR and needs to be protected. 

Make sure that only the person you are sending to can read your email, with a no-forward function so that it can’t be shared with anyone else. That way, you can offer complete discretion and confidentiality to your clients digitally. 

How many legal documents containing sensitive information pass through your office or business each week? When sent as an attachment it’s an extra risk, so stop them being forwarded or opened by someone other than the intended receiver. 

Almost every communication you send has the postcode, name and address of your clients. All of which needs to be protected.

If you’re sending PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to your clients via email, (in the body or attachment) you could be risking a data breach. As lawyers, or solicitors, you are charged with protecting and drawing up legal documents containing a wealth of personal information, so offer the same confidentiality privilege to your clients when sending via email. 

How My Protected Mail can help:

*Neither you nor your clients need to install anything, and it comes with other benefits like: 

My Protected Mail has made a “techy” solution, easily accessible for you and your business. 

In essence, it allows you to send an encrypted email or attachment (or both) to whomever you want;

  • – Without installing fancy software
  • – Without the need for your clients to sign up 
  • – Without a complex process

And, it works with everything you have in place currently. 

It’s free, protected and let’s you get on with your business knowing your emails are covered. 

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Why It's the best solution out there

Keep Your Current System

No changes and no need to install anything on your current system. And, your clients don't need to install anything either! Just keep doing what you're doing, but this time, protected.

Compatible with any platform

Whether you're using Gmail, Hotmail, MAC OS or Windows. We got you covered.

Complete Automation

Emails sent to My Protected Mail are encrypted and sent to the recipient, there is no human interaction = No snoops!

Perfect for small businesses

The most cost-effective solution for businesses. Protect your email without complex, company wide deployment.

Available on Any Device

Laptops, mobiles, tablets and desktop compatible. Send protected emails from home, the office or on the move (perfect for busy entrepreneurs.)

How it Actually works

Who Are We?

Eli Migdal – CEO and Founder of TowerWatch and Migdal Computing

Meet Eli

Eli Migdal, has been active in the IT field for over 10 years and helped countless businesses of all sizes advance their IT solutions to meet their needs. He has a passion for cyber security and it all about keeping your data safe, long before it was a legal requirement to do so! As a young entrepreneur, geek and lover of MEMEs, customer satisfaction is his number one priority!

As the UK sister company of Migdal Computing Solutions, TowerWatch specialises in IT solutions, cyber security and IT projects. We are a Senior Microsoft Partner in SPLA/Azure/365 and currently provide full IT solutions for hundreds of companies in Israel and Europe as well as project orientated solutions to hundreds of companies in Israel, Europe and the USA. Your protection, cyber security and customer satisfaction is our aim, so learn more about TowerWatch here.

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