Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

MyProtectedMail is a TowerWatch Solutions product. TowerWatch Solutions is an expert in cyber security and has more than 10 years’ experience (as part of the Migdal Computing Group) in securing email solutions. Your security and privacy is our business model. Learn more about TowerWatch here

Basic reply functionality allows you to continue your protected conversations with your recipient. 

Full reply functionality allows you to do the same but with a complete log in your mailbox to track responses and conversations for better reporting, history and compliance.

After you have filled out the form on our Sign Up page. We will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your domain is white listed and confirm payment information. Then you will receive the email details and you are ready to use the system. 

No, the email address you send to is completely automated and is designed to convert your email and encrypt, while deleting itself when leaving our system. 

Your monthly package limit applies across your email address (if you’ve signed up with a singular address) or domain (if you’ve signed up with your own domain.) So, the limit is combined. But, if you go over your limit, you can easily contact us to upgrade or discuss the best package for you. 

No, they are deleted. The only record is that an email was sent, not the content of the email.

*Except for Premium or Premium+ packages which have dedicated mailboxes. However, these mailboxes are not visible to our team. 

Use it from anywhere you would send a normal email e.g. on the train, at home or in the office. It’s perfect for flexible workers. 

Very. No setup is actually required on your end. Simply signup to the package that suits you, we will create your account and then off you go. 

We use Microsoft’s secure messaging service to encrypt your email between you and your recipient. 

Due to the subscription costs with Microsoft, some of the extra features of the Premium and Premium+ plans are adopted. This commitment spreads the cost so it is cheaper overall. 

This allows you to have: [email protected] or other custom emails. This gives you the ability to receive replies from your protected email. Non-dedicated mailboxes on our Business or Free plans are one way only, no replies can be received.  

This is a techy one. Most of the email suppliers support TLS, which is an encrypted way to send emails, but some do not. If your email provider does not support TLS, the first email conversation that you send to us may not be fully secure between your computer and our system – But it will still be compliant because you are sending to a GDPR compliant Cyber Security Company.

Once the email reaches our system, it’s fully secured, including replies to and from your recipient.

The email that will reach your recipient will always be encrypted!

With our premium packages you will get a dedicated Microsoft 365 enterprise grade mailbox, so in this scenario the TLS is always on and always encrypted.

Yes, they are fully encrypted, secured to the recipient only, making them GDPR compliant. 

When sending PII (personal identifier information) using My Protected Mail, the recipient gets an encrypted email, which only they can open using their personal credentials (e.g. Google account or a one time passcode.)

This ensures that sensitive information has restricted accessibility and is encrypted, which is why it is GDPR compliant. 

No, the system is completely cloud-based. Nothing needs to be installed by you, your employees or recipients. 

Any email platform. As long as you can send an email currently, you can use this system. It works in addition to your current platform, not instead of it. 

All the devices. If you can send an email on the device, you can use this system. 

It can take up to 5 minutes to receive the one-time password, but in most cases you’ll receive it before then. There is also a prompt to re-send if you feel it has gotten lost. 

If you add an image directly into the body of your email, My Protected Mail automatically turns it into an attachment to make it easier to protect and receive.  

Yes, and you will also receive a CC of your original email for your records. In the Premium, Premium+ and Premium Dev packages, you will be able to see these logged in your dedicated mailbox too. 

You are more than welcome to register for the Free package and do some testing of your own to see how it works! We do not take payment details for this package so all you need to do is register your details with the system through our signup page. 

Once you love My Protected Mail as much as we do, you can simply upgrade your package for the best solution to suit you. 

Our system uses a Microsoft encrypting template called; “Do Not Forward” which only gives users rights to view and reply. 

Once it has been opened via the online portal, the user can only view the file. They cannot copy, print, forward or even view via share screens systems like Skype or TeamViewer. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions