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Premium Features

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or simply finding the right plan for you, the premium packages offer plenty more to make the investment into your email protection worth it! 

Use Your Own Email Client

Seamlessly integrate with your current systems to send and receive protected emails.

Continue the protected conversation

Send and receive replies from your clients and customers. Always protected by default.

access sent archives

Build reports and view the conversations to improve your teams' service in the archives.

unique Custom email addresses

Put your brand's stamp on the address to make it easily recognisable.

Web Portal Access

Send auto-encrypted emails directly from the web portal, allowing you to use the fully featured Outlook online.

Receive 24/7 Support

Via Microsoft's ticketing system you can receive support around the clock for your business.

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(the email address or named domain address that you will be sending emails to our system. Only emails from this address/domain will be accepted and processed by our system, but once approved, you can use any email address in this domain.)

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Using any IMAP mail app like Outlook or MAC you can connect to your My Protected Mail 365 Mailbox.

Yes. My Protected Mail supports all major mail clients, in both IMAP and POP3. For more information on how this works, scroll down to see our Premium tutorials. 

With the Premium packages you receive 24/7 support via Microsoft’s ticketing system to help you with your 365 mailbox, any additional support can be provided by TowerWatch within a business day. 

You will receive a warning when you are nearing your limit so that you can adjust accordingly. 

Due to the subscription costs with Microsoft, some of the extra features of the Premium and Premium+ plans are adopted. This commitment spreads the cost so it is cheaper overall. 

Yes you can send emails normally from your dedicated mailbox. Emails sent and replied to from here are automatically protected by default without you needing to do anything. 

Basic reply functionality allows you to continue your protected conversations with your recipient. 

Full reply functionality allows you to do the same but with a complete log in your mailbox to track responses and conversations for better reporting, history and compliance. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Tutorials For Premium

Setting Up Your 365 Account in a desktop mail client

Using My Protected Mail Via the Web portal

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